Not just a writing instrument, a Krone pen is a statement—an acknowledgement, and an announcement; an acknowledgement that some values and principles, and the events, individuals, and monuments that established and symbolise those principles, are worth risking controversy; and an announcement that some people are willing to take the risk. With the 1997 issuance of the first Krone pen, the unique and controversial Abraham Lincoln Limited Edition pen, embedded with the great man’s DNA, Krone boldly stepped out, proclaiming that very message. Accordingly, a large contingent of Civil War enthusiasts, who had not previously been pen collectors per se, were brought into the market because of their desire to hold a part of history in their hand.

When Krone released its Sir Edmund Hillary Mount Everest Limited Edition, commemorating one of the most eminent explorers of all time, and perhaps his greatest adventure, a completely new client appeared on the pen collecting horizon. For many, Krone’s Sir Edmund Hillary pen symbolized their own personal quest in life—the pursuit of something very nearly inaccessible. Others wanted to own a piece of the top of the world. For others still, it brought them closer to Hillary, the man, and his heroic feat.

In that very same year, 1998, with the debut of the William Shakespeare Limited Edition, another market segment came to life, that of the scholar, and the belletrist. Artifacts directly associated with “The Immortal Bard” are extremely rare, and the opportunity to own a piece of the famous Mulberry tree which Shakespeare himself planted outside his house in Stratford-upon-Avon, created what was felt to be a direct link to the genius who gave us Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, and so much more. Actors, literati, attorneys, physicians, collectors, and Shakespearian devotees from every sector of society, many for the first time, saw the finely crafted fountain pen as not only an instrument with which to write, but a means of expressing one’s own enthusiasm.

Deepening and broadening its scope and perspective into widely differing realms, Krone issued the Shogun, and Moses collections, in 2000 and 2001 respectively. In the latter year, the Babe Ruth Limited Edition was also released. Krone had made the decision to be primarily a limited edition company, including some lesser expensive lines periodically, but devoting its extraordinarily creative energies and expertise to the production of imminently functional, museum-quality pieces.

Then in 2003, once again forging ahead into controversial territory, and daring the naysayers, within and without the realm of pen fanciers, the Marilyn Monroe Limited Edition was issued. Not since the Abraham Lincoln—for very different reasons—had Krone been so audacious, treading ground that, to some was a sordid melodrama; to others a sad and poignant loss; and to yet others almost sacred.

Currently available collections, following the Krone dictum of focussing on limited and special editions, include, but are not confined to the following:

Herman Melville Moby Dick

Amelia Earhart
St. Patrick

Soon to be released is the T-Rex, and while the final look of the pen is not yet public, a life-size replica of its namesake stands in the headquarters building in Buffalo Grove, IL.

Each customer relates to his or her Krone pen in a unique way. While the pen collector is a welcome customer, Krone takes great satisfaction in selling to those who find the pen to be more than just another beautiful writing piece. It is a conduit for those who seek a connection between themselves and the great men or events before them.

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